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Greetings in a tough time.

We cannot ship physical CDs internationally at this time, so please don't order them.  But we can ship CDs within the US, and we can send you MP3s anywhere and everywhere.

Sometimes we wonder where God is at a time like this.  The answer is that he is within us all.  We know that miracles exist, but don't always understand them.  We get angry with God sometimes, or wonder if he exists, when we pray and don't see an answer.  But Jesus got frustrated with his disciples when they prayed and didn't see answers. Jesus taught people to pray and to change things. All the amazing things he did, he did as a human, and when he died and rose, he proved that it never was and never will be a matter of our own worthiness. We simply need to see ourselves as his hands and feet.

We are all in this together. We always were, and always will be.

To contact us about a missing order email: [email protected]